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Flood Preparation and Emergency Response

Rain for Rent’s proven track record in handling Superstorm Hurricane Sandy and Omaha Floods has seasoned us with the experience to help with natural disasters requiring emergency bypasses and dewatering. To contact us for help or more information, click here.

Prepare for Emergency Flooding

With factors like El Niño and man-made climate change leading to warmer temperatures and a higher possibility of tropical storms in the last 7 years, Rain for Rent can help you prepare for the impact.

How is Rain for Rent ready to help?

Equipment Contingency Plan
We will assess your liquid handling need and create a custom design to minimize interruption. This can help reduce downtime in case of emergency.

Emergency response Agreement
We will be on stand-by for the first call in all emergencies.

Standby rate
For a more time-sensitive area, keep our equipment on your site at stand-by rate for faster deployment.


  • Flooded roads
  • Groundwater leaks that affect pipeline
  • Wastewater treatment plant overload
  • Clogged creeks, channels & rivers
  • Oil leaks into holding tanks
  • Flooded entrance and parking lots


What kind of equipment do we provide for storms?

We also have clean water tanks and layflat hose ready to deploy. Ask us about them.

EnviroTank – Clean water tank that comes in various types and sizes. These tanks are safe for potable water use. 

Layflat Hose - Easy deployment hose that comes in various sizes. Deploys one mile of hose in three hours.


Read more about some of our water management experience that will apply to your emergency response needs. 

For immediate assistance,
call 800 742 7246